Introduction to Botanical Art and Watercolours– Short Course

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( 7 weeks class)


Botanical art is a unique and specialised form of art which portrays a plant with precision and detail to bring out their realistic beauty.

Class Outline:

The class starts with a brief introduction. It further elaborates into the prerequisites of botanical art and watercolours through pencil sketching, shading with light and tone, water colouring, and then progress towards the finer details of the object.

This class aims at developing skills in outline drawing, tonal rendering and water colour application for botanical art. It is perfect for people who want to learn the skill gradually, practicing with different specimens.

This module is ideal for both intermediate and beginner level.

Material Used:

Specimen will be provided by the tutor.

Students to bring:

Pencils - 2B, HB and 2H, eraser, plastic ruler

Drawing board

Smooth 300 gsm watercolour art book A4 

Watercolour Paints

  • Orange Red - Windsor and Newton-Bright red or Cadmium red

          Schmincke – Cadmium red light

  • Violet red -  Windsor and Newton-Permanent rose

          Schmincke - Magenta

  • Orange yellow - Windsor and Newton-Windsor yellow or Cadmium yellow light

          Schmincke - Cadmium yellow light

  • Green yellow - Windsor and Newton-Windsor lemon

          Schmincke - Lemon yellow

  • Green blue - Windsor and Newton -Windsor blue (green shade)

          Schmincke - phthalo blue

  • Violet blue - Windsor and Newton - French ultramarine

          Schmincke - Ultramarine finest

         (watercolours can also be any equivalent brand)

         Good quality watercolour brushes, size 2 & 4.

         Water container


         Paper towels


Shippi's Art also offers classes in partnership with Sydney Community College, a non profit organisation that has been offering short art courses in Sydney since 1986

Botanical art with Watercolour:


Painting Watercolours:


Still Life in Watercolours:


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Corporate workshops

Shippi's Art offers specialised art workshops for corporate teams. They are great for any creative enviornment to brush up on your art basics or learning any new traditional art skills. 

These workshops are known to de stress and are a perfect alternative to traditional team building events.

Art workshops can be extremely beneficial for employees who work in a highly stressed enviroment as they provide much needed relaxation and rejuvenation, which in turn drives wellness and better performance. These classes are often compared with meditation!

We offer half day and full day workshops or long term classes which can be customised to suit the size of the group and the desired outcome of the organisation. If desired, we can also provide refreshments - morning / afternoon tea, lunch, beverages.

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Private lessons in Botanical Art/Watercolours

Shippi's Art offers private lessons in Watercolour and Botanical Art now!

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